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Hey ladies,
-Obviously keep practicing throughout the week, if you are having a problem with someone get some help!
-Practice is every Wednesday night and remember it starts at 6pm... this does not mean be there at 6:01 it means be there in advance so that at 6:00 we can be working hard.
-If you are unable to make it to a practice (or any other event) please call someone such as an instructor, another member or someone on the executive.
-We will be marching every week so wear comfortable shoes, bring a sweater or a jacket for outside, etc...
Band Bios
-The new band bios have been 'invented' and a few of you already have a copy, if you don't please e-mail me at either heatherbellgirls0@lycos.com or angelbear_gh@hotmail.com and I will send you a copy. Or get a copy off the forum.
-These are due in January but you are able to update them at any time.  To do this you would copy and paste your band bio into a word document and change the answers then e-mail it to me.
-You do not have to answer all the questions on the band bio, but the ones you do not answer delete them!
-Please sign up on the forum and use it.
-If you need help, ask Melanie, Jenn or myself.
-Tell all members/students/instructors/etc... to join!
Fun trip
Saturday we are going down to Halifax for shopping and to see DRUM! [Yes ladies, the one with Squid<3]... so everybody get excited! It should be fun, hence the name fun trip. Bring your cameras!