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Melanie (Mel) MacKay


Snare Drum


February 7th, 1990

Position in band

Drum Sergeant

How long have you been playing?

This is my fourth summer…sixth year since I have begun

Favorite tune

Dougall McColl (Drummers)

Least favorite tune

The constant repetitiveness of the 2/4

Favorite parade

The short ones…

Least favorite parade

Natal Day. ie. Halifax, Dartmouth

Favorite concert

Indoor Concerts (DeCoste Centre)

Least favorite concert



Favorite competition


Favorite band trip

MAINE and Fredericton

Worst band trip

They all have their moments.

What is your goal in band?

To have FUN!

Best year in band

This one is turning out to be interesting.

Best “band” friend


Do you like day events or night events better?

The night ones.

What is the worst part about band?

Cranky people in the morning! I’m a morning person!

What is your favorite part about band?

The traveling and the laughs.

Favorite song played on the bus

Umm..let me think

Best competition food


Favorite place to eat on band trips

The Big Stop or Mickey D’s

Favorite memory


Scariest event

The trip to Fredericton in 2005.

Saddest event

Like every Christmas Party!

Funniest event

This year… “pad”ded  slippers

Did you ever cry on a band trip?

I got homesick my first year!

Favorite part of your uniform

My feather bonnet! Or my socks

Why did you join band?

To meet people and have a great time!

Favorite pipe band

78th and FSSAPB

Idol pipe band people



Do you compete in solos?

I did on Drum pad my first year!

How much do you pack on band trips?

So much! I am like a walking department store. I have like everything I would ever need with me!

Are you shy or outgoing?

Bit of both!

Do you enjoy band?

Yupp..it is getting better!

Do you plan to continue with pipe bands?


Favorite book

When the Wind blows, The Lake House and Maximum Ride by James Patterson! And the Chronicles of Narnia.

Favorite magazine


Favorite movie

Finding Neverland, Aladin

Favorite television show

The OC, Grey’s Anatomy, LOST, CSI

Favorite song

I’m Gonna Fly!


Favorite singer/band

Paul Brandt

Favorite quote

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot, hold on and SWING!”


Soccer, Television, Volunteering, my friends!

Other activities

Band, school!

Any plans for after band?

The rest of my life, university and on!

If band was a television show which one would it be and why?

An extreme soap opera!

Who is your style icon?

Me, myself, and I!

What do you never travel without?

My Sanity!

Favorite bored game

The Game of LIFE

What do you wish you had a never ending supply of?


What talent do you wish you were born with?

The ability to Fly!

If you could join any band which one would you pick?

The Heatherbells! What other bands have such a close knit relationship?!

How do you make time pass on the bus?

Have a good time, sing, read! What ever comes into play!

What do you do on band trips?

Play my drum, have a great time!

What topic are you most opinionated about?

There are many topics!

Occupation/career goals

ST. F.X. Grad, Teacher!

Do you get nervous before performing?

Yupp..but a good nervous!

Any band nicknames


Ever consider quitting the band?

Oh yes..

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be?

On the top of a mountain in New Zealand, with a gorgeous valley in front of me!

Favorite audience to play for

The people from Maine!

If you mess up a tune you …

Laugh, use a “choice” word under my breath, and continue!

Do you bring a camera on band trips?

Sometimes, it depends on the trip!