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Name: Cecely Gilby

Instrument : Bag Pipes

Birthday: Feb1/93

Position in band: Piper

How long have you been playing? :3 year  I think

Least favorite tune : cabre faie

Favorite parade : 4th of July parade

Least favorite parade: Pictou

Favorite concert: 4th of July

Least favorite concert: Pictou

Favorite competition: Fredericton

Favorite band trip: All

Worst band trip : None

What is your goal in band? Become a good piper

Best year in band: ALL!

Best “band” friend: Emily/ Maddy / LIZZ/ Hayley/Marley  and many more

Do you like day events or night events better? Day

What is the worst part about band? Waking up super early

What is your favorite part about band? The people

Favorite song played on the bus ALL

Best competition food All

Favorite place to eat on band trips Any where

Favorite memory All

Scariest event  NONE

 Funniest event All

Did you ever cry on a band trip? I don’t know

Favorite part of your uniform don’t know

Why did you join band? Friend  ( Kayleigh)

Favorite pipe band don’t know

Do you compete in solos? Once  or  twice

How much do you pack on band trips? More then I need

Are you shy or outgoing? Way more then outgoing

Do you enjoy band? YES!!!!!

Do you plan to continue with pipe bands? Most likely

Favorite book:  I don’t like to read

Favorite magazine Teen vogue

Favorite movie 13!& Benchwarmers

Favorite television show Family guy. War at home what not to ware

Favorite song many

Favorite singer/band Many

Hobbies Pipe band sports   Acting singing  falling down

Any plans for after band? Not yet I am only young

If band was a television show which one would it be and why? It would be like the O.C very dramatic

Who is your style icon? Anyone

What do you never travel without?  I don’t no

Favorite bored game Life

What do you wish you had a never ending supply of? Every thing

What talent do you wish you were born with? I don’t know

If you could join any band which one would you pick?  Don’t know

How do you make time pass on the bus? SLEEP!

What do you do on band trips? Eat Sleep talk Music

What topic are you most opinionated about? ????????

Occupation/career goals: Singer / Actress

Do you get nervous before performing? Not really

Any band nicknames NONE

Ever consider quitting the band? Not that I know of

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be? ?

Favorite audience to play for Parents

If you mess up a tune you … Wait then come back in  after your know what part its at

Do you bring a camera on band trips? Sometimes