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Name- Maddy Richards
Instrument- Side drum
Birthday- December 13th, 1992
Position in band- Side drummer
How long have you been playing?-5 years
Favorite tune-Itchyand Scratchy.
Least favorite tune-Green Hills!
Favorite parade- Lobster Carnival
Least favorite parade- Halifax/ Dartmouth (but I like the trip) 
Favorite concert- Pork chop BBQ
Least favorite concert- DeCoste Centre 
Favorite band trip- Maine 
Worst band trip- Canso Causway (really windy , lost my camera)
What is your goal in band?-to become drum sergeant
Best year in band -last year ( 2005)
Best “band” friend -all the Umpers
Do you like day events or night events better?- night
What is the worst part about band?-Practice on Wednesdays.
What is your favorite part about band?-over  nighters.
Favorite song played on the bus -dosent matter..my happy ending
Favorite place to eat on band trips -big stops.
Favorite memory-redbull party.
Scariest event -my first parade
Saddest event -Parsborro
Funniest event -hah everythings funny.
Did you ever cry on a band trip? -yes.
Favorite part of your uniform -Socks.
Why did you join band? -my mom was in it , and i wanted to try it out
Favorite pipe band -HEATHERBELLS !
Idol pipe band people -Mother Humper.
Do you compete in solos? -I am this year..
How much do you pack on band trips? -more then I should.
Are you shy or outgoing? -outgoing
Do you enjoy band? -yes!
Do you plan to continue with pipe bands? -I think so
Favorite book -Charlie Wilcox
Favorite magazine -Elle Girl
Favorite movie -The Notebook <3
Favorite television show -The OC/Survivor ..
Favorite singer/band -Avril Lavigne ..
Favorite quote -"he can call me a  flower , if he wants to ."
Hobbies -soccer . dancing . band . ect
Other activities -running , walking . swimming
Any plans for after band? -not yet..
If band was a television show which one would it be and why? -survivor , because I would liketo see some people try .
Who is your style icon? -myself , I wear what I want to ..
What do you never travel without? -camera
Favorite bored game -Clue , Monolpy .. ect.
What do you wish you had a never ending supply of? -MONEY
What talent do you wish you were born with? -skateing
If you could join any band which one would you pick? -Dunvegan HAH kidding.
How do you make time pass on the bus? -sleeping , lissten to music
What do you do on band trips? -party ;)
What topic are you most opinionated about? -starving children..
Occupation/career goals -no idea.
Do you get nervous before performing? -no
Any band nicknames -baby bumper
Ever consider quitting the band? -once or twice , but I'd never leave
If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be? -probably Disney Land
Favorite audience to play for -Big crowds..
If you mess up a tune you … -try to cover it up
Do you bring a camera on band trips? -yes