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Name -Elizabeth (Lizz)


Birthday -December 17th,1990.

How long have you been playing? -On and off for a while now.

Favorite tune -I loved Itchy and Scratchy.

Least favorite tune -Um,I forget,it might have been carbafeigh.Or,however you spell it.

Favorite parade -I dunno,I haven't done any yet.I quit before the summer.

Least favorite parade-It's definately going to be the River John one. 

Favorite concert-I've only done one so far. 

Least favorite concert-I’ve only done one so far.

What is your goal in band?-Memorize all the songs,that’s my  hardest thing to do right now.

Do you like day events or night events better?-Night is the way to go lol.

What is the worst part about band?-Probably long parades.

What is your favorite part about band?-Hmm,I love it all.Specially hanging out with everyone.

Best “band” friend -I love them all lol.

Saddest event-I always find it sad at the Christmas things,when people are leaving and everyone is crying.

Funniest event-The Rockathon

Favorite part of your uniform-Oh gosh,gotta love the socks,haha.

Why did you join band?-Cause,I really wanted too.

How much do you pack on band trips?-I always pack for everything with too much stuff.

Are you shy or outgoing?-Both.But,mostly outgoing.

Do you enjoy band?-Sometimes.

Do you plan to continue with pipe bands?-I unno.

Favorite book-The Truth About Forever

Favorite magazine-I love them all.

Favorite movie-A Walk To Remember.

Favorite television show-The OC,Lost,Grays Anatomy,Desperate Housewives,Degrassi,,etc.

Favorite song -Far too many to name.

Favorite singer/band-The Used,FOB,Soco,Our Lady Peace,Cuteiswhatweaimfor,,etc.

Favorite quote
-“You know I’d burn the city down to show you the light”


Any plans for after band?-Nope.

If band was a television show which one would it be and why? -I really don’t know.

What do you never travel without?-My straightner.

Favorite bored game-Mall Maddness.

What do you wish you had a never ending supply of?-Love.

How do you make time pass on the bus?-Listenin to music.

What topic are you most opinionated about?-Free Speech.

Occupation/career goals-Become something I love.

Do you get nervous before performing?-Yeah.

Ever consider quitting the band?-I’ve actually quit.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be?-Australia would be cool.

If you mess up a tune you … -Move my fingers like I’m playing,until the song comes to a recognized part,and I can pick it back up.

Do you bring a camera on band trips? -I definitely will be.


Elizabeth Langille