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Name: Hayley Jan McLeod-Bushell

Instrument: Year #1: Snare Drum Year #2: Bass Drum Year #3: Pipes/Snare Drum

Birthday: April 10th, 1992

Position in band: Snare Drummer

How long have you been playing?: 4 Years

Favorite tune: Prince Charlie's Welcome

Least favorite tune: Hector The Hero

Favorite parade: River John

Least favorite parade: Apple Blossom

Favorite concert: deCoste Centre

Least favorite concert: Senior Citizen's Home

Favorite competition: Pictou

Favorite band trip: Maine

Worst band trip: Don't have one. They're all wicked!

What is your goal in band?: To be drum major some day.

Best year in band: Every year is the best.

Best “band” friend: MARLEYYYYY

Do you like day events or night events better? Day, so in the eveing we have time to party.

What is the worst part about band?: Waking up early.

What is your favorite part about band?: Hanging out with my friends.

Favorite song played on the bus: I like them all.

Best competition food: French fries and pop!

Favorite place to eat on band trips: Subway and MacDonalds

Favorite memory: Every memory in band is priceless.

Scariest event: Umm, dunno, alot of what goes on in band is scary.

Saddest event: When we had our last competition in New Glasgow.

Funniest event: When Amy slipped on the sprinklers at Dairy Queen.

Did you ever cry on a band trip?: Yes, New Galsgow competiton.

Favorite part of your uniform: When I'm not wearing it!

Why did you join band?: It looked like fun, and my older cousins were in it too.

Favorite pipe band: Fredricton

Idol pipe band people: Squid and Fredricton

Do you compete in solos? Oh yeah

How much do you pack on band trips? Enough to last me longer then I need.

Are you shy or outgoing? Mostly shy, but sometimes I'm outgoing.

Do you enjoy band? Yes very much so.

Do you plan to continue with pipe bands? Oh yeah, for as long as possible.

Favorite book: Umm I like a lot of books.

Favorite magazine: Any teen magazine.

Favorite movie: Any movie I've seen I think is my favourite.

Favorite television show: The O.C

Favorite song: I like too many songs.

Favorite singer/band: Fall Out Boy

Favorite quote: 'Cinderlla is proof that a shoe really can change your life'

Hobbies: Soccer, music, drumming, my friends.

Other activities: Soccer, swimming, recreation with little kids

Any plans for after band? Umm unitversity haha

If band was a television show which one would it be and why? Um I'm not really sure, one of the silly ones on Nickelodean probably.

Who is your style icon?: Anybody famous.

What do you never travel without? Clothes

Favorite bored game: Monopoly

What do you wish you had a never ending supply of? Money haha

What talent do you wish you were born with? Flexibilty, wellI sort of already do, but I guess another one would be super soccer skills.

If you could join any band which one would you pick? Squid

How do you make time pass on the bus? Chat to my friends or listen to music.

What do you do on band trips? Hang out with friends

What topic are you most opinionated about?: Soccer

Occupation/career goals: Too many to list.

Do you get nervous before performing? Oh yes haha.

Any band nicknames: Lilo and Daddy Dumper

Ever consider quitting the band? Yes I have before, but then I realize that if I were to quit, I would really regret doing it.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be?: Not really sure.

Favorite audience to play for: Kids my age.

If you mess up a tune you … Make a face to how people that I know that I made the misake.

Do you bring a camera on band trips? Yes aha, all the time.