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Name: Marley Forbes

Birthday: August 21st

Position in band: Drum corporal & spare bass drummer; I was originally a drummer, then I became a tenor, then went back to drumming switched half way through the summer to be a tenor again, then I got the bass drum and was spare drum major then I became drum major and I was a competition beating tenor and then for 2006 I started off as drum major but then went back to drumming and became spare bass drummer.

Favorite tune: I will always have a spot in my heart for the 2004 medley as well as Campbell's Farewell and Devil in the Kitchen.

Least favorite tune: Dougall McColl *drumming wise*

Favorite parade: Antigonish *before the highland games*, Halifax/Dartmouth, Apple Blossom and Pugwash.

Least favorite parade: River John & Tatamagouche.

Favorite concert: September 17th, 2005 when we played with Squid<3

Least favorite concert: Scotsburn BBQ- not only did the bass drum break there but the smell of food literally drives one insane and there are bugs everywhere.

Favorite competition: Antigonish Indoor, Summerside, Pugwash, Halifax, Antigonish Highland Games, New Brunswick Highland Games, Pictou and New Glasgow.. yes, I am serious, all the ones we have gone to are my favorites!

Favorite band trip: Any competition *even if it is only a day event* or Halifax/Dartmouth.

Worst band trip: Tatamagouche and River John.

What is your goal in band?: To be back out on the competition field in 2007.

Best year in band: 2004

Do you like day events or night events better?: Day events, because that is when competitions are held.

What is the worst part about band?: The worst part without a doubt is not competing, not being at competitions, not being able to attend them, not being able to watch the better bands compete and everything that goes along with that. I really miss the big trips and trips associated with competitions. And also when every girl in the band is PMSing, we've been around each other far too long and want to scream, cry, yell, or something. I also hate being sick at band or missing a band event because I am sick.

What if your favorite part about band?: Without a doubt, no questions asked, the best part is competing and anything associated with competitions which includes traveling, taking great pictures, meeting new people, seeing great bands compete, shopping, hanging out, and hard work paying off.

What is your favorite song played on the bus?: Probably Without Me or Just Lose It.

Best competition food: Itzakadoozies or lemonade.

Favorite place to eat on band trips: McDonalds or the competition field.

Favorite memory: The competition results in 2004<3, being bass drummer and getting to travel.

Scariest event: The funnel cloud [cumulonimbus clouds] on the way to Fredericton, that was one scary storm. Code WA. Getting lost in Baby Gap in Ottawa, falling on the rocks in PEI and having to hornets up my kilt while competing and being in tears.

Saddest event: Leaving Fredericton in 2005, I cried forever. Heaven 9-11 on the way home from Digby. When Danny left. When Dave and Dayle left. Not competing in 2006. And in 2006 when we were getting fitted for uniforms and I broke down holding a tie because I knew there was no competition band.

Funniest event: Antigonish and Fredericton 2004 have some funny stories to them. The Antigonish tattoo for 05' has funny moments. Antigonish, Fredericton, Pugwash, Halifax/Dartmouth from 05' also were funny.

Did you ever cry on a band trip?: Many times. Sometimes because I was sick, happy, overjoyed, tired, upset, p***** off, sad.. oh the emotions of being a Heatherbell.

Favorite part of your uniform: My tie, because it reminds me of Fredericton.

Favorite pipe band: FSSAPB Gr. 2 and Dartmouth and District Gr. 2&4.

Idol pipe band people: Matt Carter, because I still remember the first time I saw him drum and I was speechless.

How much do you pack on band trips?: Probably a bit more than I should.

Are you shy or outgoing?: A little bit of both.

Do you enjoy band?: Usually. But there are times where the lack of competition makes me not enjoy band like I did before.

Do you plan to continue with pipe bands?: Without a doubt.

Favorite book: The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton

Favorite magazine: Soap Opera Digest & People Magazine

Favorite television show: Married With Children, Reba, Family Guy, Friends, General Hospital and Saved by the Bell.

Favorite song: Amazed By You, Dance Dance, Wrapped Around, Popular, Without Me, Just Lose It.. oh the list goes on.

Any plans for after band?: Join another band, oh and go to university.

If band was a television show which one would it be and why?: General Hospital because like any soap opera it is insanity. A million things, a million personalities, things happen that make you stop and think... it is just crazy and emotional. One big drama.

Who is your style icon?: Nobody really but I would like to thank the kind drummers who influenced red and orange shorts.

What do you never travel without?: My purse, money, camera, lip gloss, eye liner, etc...

Favorite board game: Life.

What do you wish you had a never ending supply of?: Money, free time, drumming talent, drum sticks, competitions.

If you could join any band which one would you pick?: Either Dartmouth or Fredericton.

How do you make time pass on the bus?: Sleep, dream about competitions, talk, sing, dance, drum, party, etc...

What do you do on band trips?: You must be a Heatherbell to know. Or affiliated with pipe bands in some way.

What topic are you most opinionated about?: Several things, I shouldn't get started.

Occupation/career goals?: Head to university, remain a pipe band person =P and then finally pick one of the many changing career ideas.

Do you get nervous before performing?: No, I just get a lot of energy. If you ever see a bouncing Heatherbell, it might be me.

Any band nicknames: Pita, Piter, Bambi Eyes, Sister Thumper just to name a few.

Ever consider quitting the band?: Several times but somehow I get talked out of it. Lack of competition makes you want to find a new band.

Favorite audience to play for?: Judges at competitions because they know what they are talking about and the advice they give you really helps.

If you mess up a tune you … keep going and try not to make it look too obvious. Unless I am at practice then you usually will be able to tell.

Do you bring a camera on band trips?: How could I not?


Marley Forbes