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Name: Jennifer

Instrument: Tenor Drum

Birthday: June 28

How long have you been playing? 3 years.

Favorite tune: 79th or Highland Laddie.

Favorite competition: Fredericton.

Favorite band trip: Digby, Fredericton, Maine 05

What is your goal in band? Become a piper.

Best “band” friend: Jessica most likely.

Do you like day events or night events better? Day.

What is the worst part about band?  The Heat.

What is your favorite part about band? Trips and hanging out with the girls.

Favorite place to eat on band trips: Subway.

Scariest event: Wayne and Funnel Cloud both in Fredericton.

Saddest event: Marley always crying. Hehe.

Funniest event: Marley crying :P And, red bull party.

Favorite part of your uniform: Kilt and socks.

Why did you join band? Because, it rocks [duh].

Do you compete in solos? No.

How much do you pack on band trips? Depends what trip.

Are you shy or outgoing? Both.

Do you enjoy band? Most of the time.

Do you plan to continue with pipe bands? Not decided yet.

Favorite book: Go Ask Alice.

Favorite magazine: Seventeen.

Favorite singer/band: MCR, Green Day, FOB, Josh Groban.

Hobbies: Music, computer, hanging out.

Other activities: Horseback riding.

Who is your style icon? I have none.

What do you never travel without? Money, clothes, friends, camera.

Favorite bored game: Does twister count?

What do you wish you had a never ending supply of? Chocolate, fuzzy peaches, and men porn. Booh yaah.

What talent do you wish you were born with? A good singing voice.

If you could join any band which one would you pick? MCR. [duh].

How do you make time pass on the bus? Sleep, music, food.

What topic are you most opinionated about? A lot, don't get me started, haha.

Do you get nervous before performing? Not usually.

Any band nicknames: Grampie Gumper.

Ever consider quitting the band? Yes I have.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be? England and Australia. Haha.

Favorite audience to play for: Not Pictou!

If you mess up a tune you …keep going.

Do you bring a camera on band trips? Yes.


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